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Hats with a Mission

I started knitting pink Hats for the Women March in 2016 and I had fans immediately who wanted to buy them.

That's how my business started.

I knit to support my wish for independence. Each hat I sell lets me use a taxi ride to town.  Can you imagine how happy this makes me feel?

Today I offer my hats in all colors of the rainbow in wool and cotton. Scroll down to read about my Preemie Hat Project💜

Look at the pictures, they are amazing.


Hats With A Mission

Preemie Hat Project

In the spirit of giving back, I thought I'll knit some preemie hats and gift them to the NICU where I was born. Every time I knit, I'm imagining a preemie wearing my hat and the parent smiling!

I care a great deal about the quality of wool I use for my knits. My preemie hats are from the softest 100% organic cotton yarn. Whenever I can I buy at my local yarn store. I want to support my community as it helps me.

To deliver as many hats as possible to the UC Medical Center in Cincinnati, I contacted our local knitting store Cast Away. They offered to host my first charity knitting.

It took place on May 23, 2019, and was a huge success.  

Many of our friends, as well as local knitters joined the knitting adventure.

We had a blast and finished 24 tiny hats in all the colors of the rainbow. Take a look at the pictures and videos below! 

All preemie hats will be donated to my NICU in August this year. We will keep on knitting and are already planning new charity events. The next one will take place in Speyer, Germany on June 16. Hats knitted there will be gifted to the local NICU!

We're going global! 

I love the thought that soon, not one baby born too soon will go home without a hat.

To help my mission grow, we organized a fundraiser on Facebook to be able to buy more yarn. We broke the glass ceiling as donations kept pouring in and new possibilities were born. We now supply yarn to a knitting group at the nursing home in my town.

It all started with one tiny spark as I thought about preemies everywhere. Now we're igniting the sky with bright stars.

Imagine! Seniors are knitting for preemies. My hats are not only delivering joy to the NICU but also to all the people crafting them.

💗How can you help?

- Knit or crochet at home and send us your tiny hats!  

  for the pattern please click here

- Donate money for wool and needles! 

  Organic wool for one colorful preemie hat costs 15 $.



Buy hats! 

You can choose color and size just as you like it. The prices vary from 25 $ for a baby hat to 65 $ for an adult hat. We also offer knitted initials or hearts as a beautiful extra. Ask us for pricing


Charity Knit-along in Santa Rosa, CA

Check out this great video

💜most important knitter - yours truly

Check out this great video

🇩🇪 Anleitung für Sarina's Mützen


Material:  Baumwolle z.B. Lana Grossa “Elastico“. Nadeln in Gr. 3,5 – 4,5

Die Mützchen werden als Rechteck glatt rechts gestrickt oder gehäkelt. Es ist wichtig, dass sie weich sind. Stricken entweder auf Nadelspiel oder kleiner Rundnadel.

Umfang:  25-30 cm 

Höhe:  15-16 cm 

Oben werden die Mützen z.B. mit einem Maschenstich (unsichtbare Naht) geschlossen. 

Der untere Rand rollt sich automatisch hoch! Das Label nähen wir an.

Annahmestellen für Mützen:

  • Hilgard-Apotheke, Hilgardstrasse 30
  • Springers Kaffeemanufaktur im Kornmarkt, Korngasse 28
  • Pfaff Nähzentrum, Rossmarktstr. 1


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