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Meet Sarina

My Life


I was born a micro preemie and spent the first few months of my life in the incubator. University Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio was my home for six months. My doctors said I'm a fighter & I proved them right. I think outside the box and I don't believe in labels. I'm  born with hiccups  but my goal in life is to be as independent as possible. 

I love languages and besides my native English I speak German fluently   because for part of my education I went to school overseas.

Right now I'm a student at Santa Rosa Junior College. 

I also do art. My art almost always has a political message. My hand knitted pussy hats are the artistic embodiment of my political views.

My Hobbies


As to my hobbies when I'm not in college I like to read, make art & let out my inner geek.